Jenzabar Foundation

Our Work

The Jenzabar Foundation actively seeks innovative student-led community service projects that may need additional financial or organizational assistance to further their missions. The Foundation proactively reaches out to colleges and universities to find and fund the student projects that are a match with its mission. The leaders of the Foundation consult with colleges and universities to help identify student projects that would qualify for and need Foundation support to happen.

Many student projects would not move forward without financial backing. The Jenzabar Foundation is proud to be a partner to finance the projects that profoundly change the lives of the students as well as those whom they are helping.

The Jenzabar Foundation finds and rewards student leadership that is committed to humanitarian efforts in their own communities and around the world. The Foundation gives student groups the opportunity for financial support as they take on humanitarian projects. Colleges and universities are encouraged to submit proposals for student projects they deem worthy of The Foundation’s support.

In addition to financially supporting student-led service projects, The Jenzabar Foundation raises awareness about the positive impact students can have on the lives of the others, and helps celebrate and promote student leaders who make a difference in the world. The Jenzabar Foundation utilizes the platforms and the latest technology to showcase the student projects to the world. From Web sites to social networking sites, video clips, and other means of online communication, the Foundation raises awareness of its grant recipients and their good works.

It is the dream of the founders of The Jenzabar Foundation and Jenzabar, Inc., that their support of humanitarian causes will exponentially create good works and goodwill that will continue for generations.

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