Jenzabar Foundation

General Grants

We have found that, for our purposes, it is better to work through an interactive process in submitting a proposal to The Jenzabar Foundation. We would be happy to discuss our priorities and the parameters of our grant-making with you and the guidelines for submitting a proposal to us. The first step in engaging with us is to send an inquiry, briefly describing your group or organization and the specific initiative for which you are seeking funding. Inquiries should be submitted via email to

Once we have had a chance to read your email we will reply and request a few dates and times when you will be available to discuss the inquiry. After that initial conversation, a determination will be made as to whether or not a draft proposal should be submitted. If we request a draft proposal we will also advise as to the elements that we would like to be included in the proposal. Once a draft has been received and reviewed, a follow-up conversation will be scheduled to finalize to proposal for submission to the Foundation’s grant-making committee.

Once delivered to the committee, there will be a period ranging up to 12 weeks before a decision can be rendered.

We look forward to speaking with you!